Grey Siberian Cat | A Comprehensive Guide

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Grey Siberian cats are extremely popular, and owners of these beautiful creatures often love them. You’ll know why if you’ve seen one. The combination of their beautiful, mysterious gray color and thick, fluffy fur gives them an appearance that is not often seen.

Did you know that grey Siberian cats are not officially recognized? The Cat Fancier’s Association officially labels what people mistakenly believe are Grey Siberian Cats as “blue Siberian Cats”. More on that later.

Grey Siberian Cat: A Brief History

The history of grey Siberian cats is long and filled with unknowns. The Siberian cats are an ancient breed originating in the forests of Russia’s Siberia. Siberia is a cold region, so the Siberian cats evolved a triple-coated, thick coat that repels water to keep them warm during the winter.

In 1990, the breed was imported for the first time into America. The breed has gained popularity in the US but is still rare because it’s so expensive to import Russian cats.

It is interesting to note that what many people consider Grey Siberian Cats are Blue Siberian Cats. Because while their appearance is primarily grey, they have a slight blue sheen on their fur.

Can a Siberian Cat be grey?

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, grey is not an officially recognized color. According to the Cat Fancier’s Association’s color chart, grey isn’t an official color.

People still refer to their Siberian cats as “grey”. Siberian cats are not recognized as grey, but they are recognized for their blue color. The color is very similar to grey, so blue Siberian cats are often called “grey” unofficially. Look at the photos in this article. Many of them look more grey than they do blue. Orange Siberian cats are also in a similar situation. Officially classified as orange, they are also called red.

The CFA does not recognize the color gray. Many Siberian cat breeds have blueish coats which closely resemble grey. These cats are sometimes called “grey Siberian Cats”.

Grey Siberian Cats: Are they rare?

Grey Siberian cats, which we now know as blue, are rare. There are many types of blue Siberian cats. The Cat Fancier’s Association has compiled a list of possible grey (blue), Siberian cat breeds with short descriptions.

Blue tabbyTabby Siberian with grey coloration
Solid BlueA solid blue/greysih color
Blue-cream smokeA grey/cream smoke mixture
Blue smokeA solid blue/greyish color
Blue-creamA mixture of grey and cream coloration
Blue-cream-whiteAcombination of grey, cream, and white colorations
Color of Siberian Cats

In addition, the CFA also recognizes the following grey Siberian cats:

  • Blue Chinchilla
  • Blue Shaded
  • Blue-white
  • Blue-silver tabby
  • Blue, golden tabby
  • Blue-silver patched tabby
  • Blue patched tabby
  • Blue point-white
  • Blue Lynx-point
  • Bluepoint

As you can see, that’s quite a list of possible combinations, so it makes sense that grey Siberian cats are not as rare as other colorations, such as the white Siberian cat.

Grey Siberian cat personality

The debate over whether the color of a kitten affects its personality is long-standing. Color is a big factor in some people’s lives, but it has not been proven scientifically. The color of a cat does not affect its personality. At least, not as much as the breed and how it is treated.

Mikel Delgado is a student at Berkeley University. He says little evidence supports the perception of differences between cats.

Like all other Siberians, Grey Siberian Cats are very affectionate and playful. They mature in about five years and are playful longer than other breeds. They also get along with children and other animals, making them great family pets. The Siberian has an interesting trait. While most breeds hate water, the Siberian loves it.

Grey Siberian cat price

Grey Siberians are generally cheaper than other colors. This is because they are less scarce than other colors. Siberian cat breeders, however, are rare. Expect to pay between $1000 and $4000 for a Purebred Grey Siberian Kitten.

The CFA website has a search feature that allows you to find breeders. You can search for Siberian cat breeders who sell pedigreed cats. All the paperwork should be included with these kittens.

You can also search for Siberian cats on other websites. You can find breeders on Facebook groups, Craigslist or Gumtree. Be cautious when purchasing from these platforms. Some cat breeders are active on these platforms and must properly care for the kittens and cats they raise. Do your research and always look at testimonials.

Grey Siberian Cat Appearance

The color of a cat’s coat does not affect its size. The breed of the cat does affect its size.

Siberian cats are quite large. The average size of these cats is 17-25 inches, and can weigh up to 17 pounds. The males are a little bigger than the females.

The Siberian is regal looking because of its thick and long fur. The thick fur is because the Siberian belongs to Siberia, a region in Russia with very cold winter temperatures. Their coat’s thick fur provides excellent protection from freezing temperatures. The Siberian sheds their coat in the spring when the temperatures increase.

These big cats also have muscular, furry tails and large paws, which allow them to walk across the snowy forest floor.

Grey Siberian Cats often have eyes shaped like a wedge with rounded contours. The head of the grey Siberian cat is wide at the top and narrows slightly at the muzzle. Their ears are large and beautifully decorated with fur tufts.

Siberian Cats in Other Colors

Siberian cats are available in many colors. The solid colors are white, black, cream, blue, and red (orange). They can be many colors, including tabby, calico and tortoiseshell.

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