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You may have wondered if you could keep ducks for pets after seeing some ducks happily swimming in a park’s pond. You are not the only one. Ducks are becoming a part of everyday life for more and more people.

Here are some duck care tips and things to consider before you adopt a pet duck.

Check your local laws.

You should check with your local government to determine if you can keep pet ducks.

Some places don’t allow any poultry as pets, e.g., no chickens or ducks. Some cities allow only chickens, and others are more flexible.

Similarly, Some areas restrict the number of birds allowed or limit their hours outside.

Nothing is worse (for you or your birds!) than not knowing what your town allows. You may be forced to release your birds because you did not follow the local rules.

Benefits of having ducks as a pet

What are the reasons you might consider ducks as pets for your family? These feathered balls are full of personality! It is fun to get to know each one as an individual.

They lay eggs more regularly than chickens. When well cared for, they can live up to 10-15 years.

Remember that they produce A LOT of manure. They are great pets if you want to grow a garden. Also, they are less destructive to your lawn and landscaping than chickens. They also eat a lot of insects!

What to consider before adopting pet ducks

Ducks require more maintenance than chickens. They require a lot of clean water that they will soil often.

There is a lot of cleanup to be done with ducks, and it is often a wet, skinny mess.

Pet ducks are often unable to fly and are a prime target for local wildlife predators. You will have to cover their pens with hawk covers. Your pet ducks should be protected and supervised when they are outside.

Ducks also could do better in cooler climates, according to my experience. My ducks will only spend a few minutes outside daily if the temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. (I live in Maine.) They prefer to stay in my basement. What is a moderate mess outside is much more difficult to clean when it is inside.

Pet ducks are noisy creatures, especially when they’re agitated. The neighbors may appreciate your enthusiastic quacking less than you are.

How to take care of pet ducks?

You will want to spend some time setting up your yard to welcome your new family.

The key to success is preparation. It can be more difficult to find pet duck supplies than chicken supplies. Planning and a bit more time are needed. You will need a few duck supplies before you adopt ducks as pets.

Duck Coop

Ducks will require a completely enclosed and predator-proof coop.

Height is not important because they do not perch and fly like chickens. When it comes to duck cages, you need to consider the amount of space.

You may want to leave the water in your coop. Be sure that you have waterproof bedding and flooring. You can use tarps, linoleum or rubberized flooring coating to protect your floor from water damage.

You can use recycled paper or soft wood chips on the flooring. This bedding should be absorbent.

Ducks also can’t “jump”, so they won’t fit into coops. The coop should either have a low entry or a wide, stable ramp.

Closed yard

When your ducks aren’t in the coop, you will want a place where they can play safely. A fenced yard is best. The risk of predators should be considered when allowing children to “play” in the yard.

Pet ducks need a safe, enclosed space to hide when you are not around. Even in an urban setting, I recommend covering the area with a hawk net and surrounding it with electric fencing. Pet ducks are attractive to many predators.

Swimming Tub

Ducks love to swim. Ducks LOVE to swim. And drink. And bathe. The bigger the bath, the better.

Remember that ducks will quickly soil the water in your tub, so you must change it regularly. I change mine several times per day. Find a tub with enough swimming space but small enough to be cleaned easily.

Most birds can use a moderately sized dog swimming pool. Ensure; they can get in and out easily, especially if you’re raising young ducklings who still need coordination.

Duck Food

There is such a thing, whether you believe it or not!

This is something I DO NOT recommend. Ducks require different nutrition than chickens (for example, they need more niacin). Feeding chicken food will not meet these needs.

Right? Ducks should be fed more than chicken food.

It is not the norm, but I occasionally give them a chicken chow snack. You will most likely not find waterfowl feed in local stores. You will need to order online. Zupreem is the waterfowl feed I use and have been very happy with.

Duck Treats

Ducks are fond of treats! The best choice is to give them healthy treats that complement their diet.

Fresh, leafy vegetables are always preferred. The sky’s the limit! I’ll also serve snacks like corn, green beans, and Brussels sprouts.

Ducks will eat most things that are in season.

Remember that the pests an exterminator removes from your garden and lawn are likely to be the healthiest and most nutritious snacks for your pet ducks.

Are you ready to adopt some pet ducks?

Ducks are a great pet. They can be entertaining. Ducks require more effort and expense than chickens but can pay off handsomely.

The ducks are more consistent in laying eggs. Duck eggs are healthier than chicken eggs and are highly prized by bakers.

If you want to bake lots of goodies and have plenty of manure in your garden, pick up some duck-keeping books, look for a place that sells waterfowl feed, and prepare yourself for a wand.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you have a duck as a house pet?

It is possible to keep a duck in your home, but it’s also important to remember that they require a lot of space, a proper water source, and outdoor access for swimming. Therefore, providing them with an outdoor enclosure is more appropriate.

Is it hard to keep a duck as a pet?

Ducks can be a more difficult pet to keep than chickens because they require more care and maintenance. Ducks require clean water, predator-proof enclosures and proper nutrition. You can care for ducks as pets with the right preparation and dedication.

Do pet ducks fly away?

Often, pet ducks cannot fly because their wings have been clipped to ensure their safety. They may fly away if they are not secured properly or supervised outdoors. You can prevent them from flying by taking the necessary precautions, such as providing a secure enclosure.

Are pet ducks loyal?

Ducks can form bonds and display affection with their human caregivers. They may not show loyalty the same as dogs, but they can develop attachments and recognize their caregivers.

Do you need a permit to own a duck?

Permits for duck ownership vary depending on local regulations. Check with your local animal control or government to see if you need a license or permit. But in general, it did not require any permit.

How long do ducks live?

Ducks can live for up to 15 years with proper care. A balanced diet and regular veterinary treatment can help to increase their lifespan.

Can you train a duck to be a house pet?

Ducks can be trained in some ways, such as when it comes time to recognize their caregivers, respond to basic commands or learn routines. Ducks are instinctively driven animals, so their behavior is less trainable than that of other house pets, such as dogs and cats.

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